Gynalac Vaginal Gel - Monthly Newsletters

Volume 31: September 2023

Myths and Facts about Vaginal Odor. What you need to know

Volume 30: August 2023

Antimicrobial resistance associated with the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. Should you be worried?

Volume 29: July 2023

How Vaginal Health Can Reduce Risk of UTIs

Volume 28: June 2023

I’ve heard that getting vaginal odor means I have poor hygiene practices, is this true?

Volume 27: May 2023

Should You Be Worried About Your Vaginal pH?

Volume 26: April 2023

What’s a girl to do about a Post- Period Vaginal Odor?

Volume 25: March 2023

If Your Vagina Smells After Sex, This Could Be Why

Volume 24: February 2023

What to Know About Changing Vaginal Smell After Menopause

Volume 23: January 2023

Is “Winter Vagina” an actual thing?

Volume 22: December 2022

Untreated Bacterial Vaginosis: What If I Don’t Treat BV?

Volume 21: November 2022

9 Simple Rules to keep your Vagina Healthy

Volume 20: October 2022

When to See a Doctor About Vaginal Odor ?

Volume 19: September 2022

Here’s Why You Should Always Wipe Front-to-Back

Volume 18: August 2022

Vaginal Discharge 101: What Every Woman Should Know

Volume 17: July 2022

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

Volume 16: June 2022

10 Reasons Your Vagina Smells a Little Off

Volume 15: May 2022

Top 14 Reasons for Heavy or Excess Vaginal Discharge

Volume 14: April 2022

Vaginal pH Balance: Everything You Need to Know

Volume 13: March 2022

Menopause & Bacterial Vaginosis

Volume 12: February 2022

12 Essential Tips to Prevent Vaginitis

Volume 11: January 2022

Vaginitis and Vaginal Odor

Volume 10: December 2021

Why That Itching Down There May NOT Be a Yeast Infection

Volume 9: November 2021

Is it Bacterial Vaginosis or a Urinary Tract Infection?

Volume 8: October 2021

Bacterial Vaginosis & Antibiotic Resistance

Volume 7: September 2021

Vaginal Discharge & Odor During Pregnancy: What’s Normal?

Volume 6: August 2021

What the Color of Your Vaginal Discharge Means

Volume 5: July 2021

Vaginal Discharge—What’s Normal and What Isn’t?

Volume 4: June 2021

Vaginal Douching: Helpful or Harmful?

Volume 3: May 2021

Why is the pH of the vagina important?

Volume 2: April 2021

Vaginal Odor: What Is Normal and What is Not?

Volume 1: March 2021

Embarrassed by Vaginal Odor?

You now have an option to deal with vaginal odor that tackles the problem at its source.

Developing a routine, with GYNALAC, that maintains a healthy pH balance is the secret to preventing and eliminating vaginal odor, once and for all.

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