Treatment & Prevention

Treatment & Prevention of Vaginal Odors:

GYNALAC: Relieve & Prevent Recurrent Vaginal Odor

In addition to relieving vaginal odors, GYNALAC can also be used to maintain the normal pH balance of the vagina and prevent recurrence of of unpleasant odors in the long term. Depending on whether you are using GYNALAC to relieve existing symptoms or prevent symptoms from occurring or recurring, it should be used for differing lengths of time.


Frequent recurrences
For patients who are experiencing acute symptoms of vaginal odors, GYNALAC is clinically proven to restore and maintain vaginal pH and eliminate abnormal vaginal odor. GYNALAC can also be recommended in prophylaxis to maintain normal vaginal pH and help prevent recurrence of vaginal odor triggered by your menstrual cycle or other triggers which may alter your vaginal flora.
Administer a single application (3 mL) for 7 consecutive days. Administer a single application (3 mL) per day for 3 days immediately after the menstrual cycle or any other triggers which may alter your vaginal flora.


"You can prevent recurrences of vaginal odor: developing a routine, with GYNALAC, that maintains a healthy vaginal pH balance is the secret to conquering vaginal odor."


Just imagine how wonderful your life will be once the stress and embarrassment of dealing with BV everyday is gone!

"You are now empowered to conquer vaginal odor on your own and keep your body in balance."

GYNALAC is not intended to cure or treat an existing infection. The product works to help balance your vaginal pH levels, which can help to eliminate unwanted vaginal odors, including those associated with BV. Because GYNALAC has the same pH level as a healthy vagina and supports the vagina’s self-cleaning mechanisms, many women who use GYNALAC report a decrease in the occurrence of vaginal infections – like BV or yeast infections.

** If you have recurring vaginal discharge, persistent odor, itching, or discomfort, please be sure to contact your doctor.

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